Another thought on Maverick

Might be beating a dead horse because we’ve blogged about Maverick so many times already. Just noting this down for later reference.

In episode 16 Barnaby says that Maverick was a good friend of his parents. Subs kinda glossed this over, since 「マーベリックさんと僕の両親とは古くからの幼馴染で」 is the exact wording he uses, meaning that his parents and Maverick were friends since childhood.

But do you see Maverick showing any signs of sorrow or grief in any of the flashbacks?

Nope. Doesn’t look like it. And they were people he’d known since childhood.

(He could be putting up a front to not depress Barnaby but we ain’t buying that.)


4 comments on “Another thought on Maverick

  1. Well, as much as I believe Maverick to be evil, and how much he looks like he’s hiding something and almost happy in these flashbacks, it’s not because you know people since childhood that you’re sad when they die.
    And it’s Maverick he’s pretty much always emotionless.

    But he’s still very creepy in these flashbacks and I refuse to believe he’s totally innocent

  2. Though I think Maverick is evil as well, I just want to point out that the flashbacks are from Barnaby’s perspective, who sees him as a father figure, so what we’re seeing could very well be Bunny’s image of Maverick.

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