Episode titles 16-19 again… (updated)

I could update my earlier post about episode titles, but the August issue of Newtype magazine had an additional title listed so might as well make a new one. We refuse to speculate until we have some sort of idea where the plot might be going from here. Episode titles 1-15 listed here.

16. Truth lies at the bottom of a well.

Meaning: To find the truth, you may have to dig deep. Japanese title is a direct translation of the English one.

17. Blood is thicker than water.

Meaning: The bonds of family and common ancestry are stronger than those bonds between unrelated people (such as friendship). This is an originally German proverb and the Japanese title is a direct translation of the English one.

18. lgnorance is bliss.

Meaning: If knowing something makes you unhappy, it would be better not to know it. The full version is “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

19. There’s no way out.

This isn’t a proverb or an idiom. The Japanese title wasn’t given so it’s possible that it refers to a proverb, there’s been at least one clumsily translated one in the titles before. Update: found what seems to be the correct Japanese title. It means “rat in a trap”. There are many proverbs about rats, but this could be part of “a cornered rat may dare to bite a cat” which is a Chinese proverb. There’s a German proverb that is very similar to this, too.

And now for something completely different…

Aki dug this up on /a/. We don’t have a source which magazine it is from, but at least Animage and Newtype August issues have come out so it’s probably from one of them.

Q: Which one of the male characters would enjoy summer?

Tamura (producer): Fire Emblem, he’d do a lot of sight-seeing… of men. (laughs) And while we are talking about summer, there will be character(s) in swimsuit(s) in the show soon, so look forward to it!
Yep, we saw them swimsuits in episode 15.


4 comments on “Episode titles 16-19 again… (updated)

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  2. Episode #19’s proverb is “Trapped like Rats”. This isn’t a proverb so much as a cliched saying. I’m not sure you don’t already know this but the post doesn’t reflect it. It means to be hopelessly trapped, trapped like an animal without any chance of escape or mercy—or to appear to be, anyway.

    http://www.subzin.com/s/Trapped+like+rats <—here's a link of the saying in action in some popular movies.

    • I’m aware of the saying, but if we go the proverb way there are many proverbs that refer to a cornered rat fighting its way out. Guess we’ll have to wait for the episode to see which fits best.

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