New PV pictures (updated)

(Thanks to kingandjoker for the screencap collage!)

The 3rd PV for Tiger&Bunny went up today on Bandai Channel! Looks like we’re in for a fun ride in the next episode. Seems that Wild Tiger and Barnaby will appear together in a talk show, Lunatic is making his return and our dynamic duo kick some ass. And Keith appears to be in trouble… while Blue Rose doesn’t seem very happy about something.

The text blurbs read:

And so, the new story of the two heroes who became the best of partners is about to begin! New problems will stand on their way! The birth of despair! The awakening of hope!

ETA: Found another set of screencaps on 4chan. This set has a piece of text that was missing from the first collage, so seems that we do get a 10 month timeskip. Click on the pictures for bigger view!

7 comments on “New PV pictures (updated)

  1. Really, I’m so curious about the Blue Rose tears…. This collage seems not a coherent episode… as always we will be trolled, as you love to say:-)

    I love the way Kotetsu and Barnaby are so close…..

    • Yes, it’s impossible to say if the pictures are in any order in the preview. Probably not everything is like it seems. x)

      Oh yes, I like that too a lot. Seems their teamwork has been going well during the timeskip.

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  3. -Sorry in advance for my engrish :p-

    That minute of episode 14 promo left a lot of things to think about, but I’ll focus on Kotetsu phrase “are you telling me to quit being a hero?” And that makes sense in the plot context: he was meant to be Barnaby’s side kick to enhance his presence, and now that Bunny has been working as a hero for a year and it’s very likely to have taken the lead on Heroes chart, Wild Tiger presence may not be seen as necessary anymore at that point. For sponsors at least. What would Kotetsu do if something like that happens? How would Barnaby face that possibility?

    It’s just speculations as always, but it would be very fair to happen and an interesting situation to solve, since this series has proven to be much more about character development than facing evil itself.

    • I’m more inclined to believe that Kotetsu’s brother who’s supposed to make an appearance soon will ask him to stop being a hero for his daughter’s sake. Kotetsu really lives for being a hero, so only something else that is very important to him might make him to stop. In the promo Barnaby also praises Wild Tiger and says he couldn’t have done it all by himself. Of course the promo is only a very short glimpse to the upcoming story, so things may turn out totally differently than what we’re speculating. :3

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