Barnaby figure by S.H.Figuarts (Updated)

S.H.Figuarts released photos and information of the completed Barnaby Brooks Jr. figure on the Tamashii website. This prototype is planned also to be on display at the Tamashii Festival, held 16-17 of July.

Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Release: October 2011
Price: 4,725JPY



Like the Wild Tiger figure, this one has amazing details, too. I’m not a hardcore figure collector myself, but I’d definitely love to get these babies on my shelf. If the speed that Wild Tiger figure sold out already on preorders is of any indication, it’s best to order this as soon as possible if you want to own it.

ETA: A series of SD mini figures are also coming. There’s not much information on them yet on the site, but the release is slated later this year.

Updated 6/24: According to the official Tiger&Bunny Twitter account, shops may start taking preorders for Barnaby figure starting July 1st. The SD figures will also be up for preorder.

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