Episode titles 13-15 with revised predictions

Well now. Episode 12 went totally differently from what we expected. Guess it’s best to rethink what we thought we knew (next Saturday it’ll turn out to be just a load of marsh gas after another plot twist).

Speculah and spoilers, so cutting it for your inconvenience:

13. Confidence is a plant of slow growth 「信頼という木は大きくなるのが遅い木である」

This is a quote from William Pitt (1759 – 1806) and the full version goes “Confidence is a plant of slow growth in an aged heart.” Originally we thought that this could refer to Ivan and his self-esteem issues. In the Japanese version, the word 信頼 is usually used in a different connotation, “faith”. Now we think it’s more about restoring Barnaby’s faith in Kotetsu and their partnership. We doubt Barnaby will be able to catch Jake on his own, he’ll need Kotetsu’s help despite his pride getting in the way.

14. Love is blind

  • Meaning: A person in love does not see the faults of the person he/she loves.

This originates from William Shakespeare’s plays. Aki found an article that mentioned Kotetsu has an older brother who’ll appear soon, so now we think this might be about Kotetsu’s past. Maybe we’ll finally find out what happened to his wife? There’s bound to be more to the story than we’ve been told.

15. The sky’s the limit

  • Meaning: There is no apparent limit.

This saying has most likely originated in the USA around 100 years ago, and it may have been influenced by the invention of airplanes. We still think this episode is about Sky High.

4 comments on “Episode titles 13-15 with revised predictions

  1. I agree that the title of episode #13 definitely refers to the trust between Kotetsu and Barnaby. It may also still refer to confidence: all of the heroes have just taken some demoralizing blows, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see any of them – especially Kotetsu – doubting their ability to continue being heroes. The public’s confidence in them is also clearly being shaken as well.

    • I really hope Kotetsu’s older brother isn’t a bad guy, though! But you have interesting points. Jake is overpowered, and it’s kind of fishy how they had no data about how he was captured in the first place.

  2. …I also have the uncomfortable suspicion that, now that we know about Kotetsu’s brother, the title of episode #14 is referring to some flaw or unpleasant truth about him that Kotetsu is blind to. He’s the most confirmed idealist of the cast; there’s no way he’d want to believe something bad about his older brother…

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