Episode 15 or nice guys just can’t get a break

That thing with summer and swimsuits that producer Tamura talked about in the magazine snippet we found? Well we did get characters in swimsuits in this episode, just as he promised. But no beach episode. In other words, trolled again. (; ̄д ̄) And apart from finding inventive ways to distract us with, this episode had a lot of interesting stuff going on…

15. The sky’s the limit…

This week, King of Moe has his spot in the limelight. And Tiger & Bunny is a really cruel show to the nicest of the nice guys.

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Episode 14 or “Who are you and what have you done to our Barnaby?”

Tiger & Bunny returns to being a fun show with a bang. This episode didn’t have as clear a focus as the previous ones, but it’s probably because this was really just a set up for the rest of the story. At least, that was the feeling we got, as if it was kind of a second pilot.

14. Love is blind

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Episode 13: You Make Bunny Cry Edition

Hey guyse? You remember last week when I predicted that this week all our carefully made predictions would be nothing but marsh gas? Well guess what? I was absolutely right about that.

This isn’t a complaint though. A week of suffering was totally worth what episode 13 served us and then some. If you want to prove us wrong, this is the right way to do it. We’ve seen this episode three times so far and I still don’t quite know how to reach a high enough level of coherency in my writing so I don’t embarrass myself. So, apologies in advance…

13. Confidence is a plant of slow growth

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Episode 12 impressions

12. Take heed of the snake in the grass 「草の中にいる蛇に用心せよ」

Oh boy. Should have seen this come from miles away. Somehow the series managed to lull us into false sense of security by being incredibly fun and entertaining, but things never are that easy when it’s a Sunrise show we’re talking about. After spending a week wringing our hands at what’s going to happen to Ivan, it turns out that he was the least of our worries. Welcome to mid-series crisis.

Since Aki is still in a state of wanting to throw vending machines at people, I guess this post is on me. (Not that I can blame her.)

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