Singalong: No Farewell

Kanji, romaji, and – because I lured Aki out of hiding – translation for Barnaby’s new character song, No Farewell. Although I’m not very keen on the accompaniment choice for the song, this is one of my favourites on BEST OF HERO. Morita’s voice is perfect for ballads, and the lyrics are really lovely and touching. ♪(´ε` )

No Farewell

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Singalong: Todoroke☆Kung-Fu Master

I got my BEST OF HERO today, and after I found myself bouncing on the chair while listening to Dragon Kid’s song I just had to make romaji for it and learn to sing it.

BEST OF HERO is great, by the way. I really like most of the songs on it so I’ll probably make more romaji for the tracks later. ♪(´ε` )

Todoroke☆Kung-Fu Master

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Character Song Impressions Pt. 2

Everything they planned to sample from BEST OF HERO has now been sampled. You can listen to them on Lantis’ Tiger & Bunny page. Our impressions of the first five song samples are here.

“Mikire sakura” by Origami Cyclone (Okamoto Nobuhiko)

I don’t really think the sample is giving a very good impression of the song, or it’s just not really up our alley. Lyrics on the other hand sound very Origami-style. Full version might give a different impression.

“Todoroke☆Kung-fu Master” by Dragon Kid (Ise Mariya)

Cute like a button, and peppy, but we expected something more energetic. I think there might be more in the lyrics so full version would be nice with this song too.

“No Farewell” by Barnaby Brooks, Jr. (Morita Masakazu)

The song title made me expect something a bit more melancholy (and so did Twitter trolls going on about “Bunny’s feelings” – I can’t remember if it was Ozaki who tweeted that or if it was Hoshizora Sunrise). This song seems really fitting with how the series ended, and Morita sounds happy and hopeful singing it. The song also has this kind of 80s feeling, it’s hard to explain but I got pretty nostalgic listening to the sample.

“You are the HERO!!” by Tiger & Barnaby (Hirata Hiroaki and Morita Masakazu)

We didn’t think it’d be possible for the new duet to come anywhere near “Seigi no koe ga kikoerukai”, but this does. Hirata and Morita sound really good singing together, the lyrics sound like fun, and it just gives this “feels goodman” vibe.

[Aki_the_geek] i have no words to add about the duet because I’m all
[Aki_the_geek] like that picture with a dude in front of a computer with a rainbow waterfall flowing outta his mouth

This one? Seems accurate.

I tried asking Aki about her Top 3 from the samples, but then I realized I couldn’t pick just three. I think she hit the mark with this comment, though…

[derpchan] so what’s your top 3 from the samples?
[Aki_the_geek] 1. duet 2. duet 3. duet
[Aki_the_geek] 😛

(This is the second time ever I’m looking forward to a character song CD like crazy.)

How about you?