Anniversary Event: My Favourite T&B Thing

You know what? On April 3rd, it’ll be exactly a year since Tiger & Bunny started. (And consequently, roughly six months since it ended.)

A lot of people (including us) have been voting with their wallets, so we thought it’d be fun to see what everyone’s favourite piece of merchandise is. So grab your camera and your most favourite T&B thing in the world, and take a picture of it (or them if you just can’t make up your mind)! If you want, you can also include a short comment about your picture. Fanmade merchandise is allowed as long as it’s worksafe.

We don’t want to leave out those who haven’t been able to get what they want, because those preorder wars are brutal, brutal things. If there’s something you really want to get, you can draw it  – or write a few sentences (or an ode) describing it if art isn’t your forte.

Please send your pictures and wishful poetry to mail[at] by March 31st, midnight Central European Time.

As usual with our events, we’ll make a page of your submissions and put it up to commemorate this first T&B anniversary!

6 comments on “Anniversary Event: My Favourite T&B Thing

  1. I’ve got a very important question.
    What if the favourite piece(s) of my collection are like, fanarts or fanmade things by friends, does it work or not? (Under the condition proper credit will be given of course)

    Because when I read the title of the even my first thought, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, was very cheesy and along the lines of “the friends I made obviously” ^^

  2. Sent mine in now. Mostly official items minus my cosplay shows and a bag I use to hold my camera. xD

    But wow, has been quite a while hasn’t it.

    Happy Anniversary! and Happy Anniversary! (I swear this never gets old)

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