Review: Katsura Masakazu x TIGER & BUNNY – Original Drawings & Rough Sketches Collection LIMITED VERSION

Katsura Masakazu x TIGER & BUNNY:
Original Drawings & Rough Sketches Collection
Publisher: Shueisha
ISBN: 9784089081532
Size: A4 / 176 pages
Price: 6800 JPY

I reviewed the regular edition of Tiger & Bunny’s character designer Katsura Masakazu‘s art book some time ago. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the limited version because it was made to order and the preorders sold out in just two days. However, at least CDJapan has it in stock at the moment, so when my finances allowed I grabbed it before it sold out again.

The book itself has the same contents as the regular version, so please check out the earlier review for it. The ISBN number and print date are different on the limited version, and it also has “LIMITED VERSION” printed on the cover and title page. I’m a little bit disappointed that even the limited version isn’t hardcover, but the overall quality of the book is still excellent.

The limited version comes with some extra goodies, of course. There’s an A2 size poster of the heroes, drawn by Katsura. Most of the price tag accounts for a special original colour version of S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger. I haven’t been buying the other T&B S.H. Figuarts (partially to retain some sanity), and because I am really bad at posing the figures I usually prefer fixed poses. This was my first figure from the S.H. Figuarts line and I have to say I was really pleased and impressed.

The figure was smaller and heavier than I’d expected at first. It comes with switchable hands and chestplate. The default chestplate has a Young Jump magazine logo; Katsura’s own super hero manga ZETMAN is serialized in Young Jump and also the Tiger & Bunny manga one-shot that’s included in the book was first printed in Young Jump. Young Jump’s publisher Shueisha also published this artbook.

I promptly switched the chestplate out with the one that has Wild Tiger’s own logo. Switching the chest and hands was pretty easy, I didn’t get a feeling I was about to break something or that I’d have to use violence to get the alternative hands in place.

Alternative chestplate with Wild Tiger logos.

Katsura's logo on the back.

Wild Tiger is actually sturdy and well-balanced enough to stand on his own for a bit, but he also comes with an adjustable stand. It’s different from the regular S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger stand, and has the Wild Tiger logo.

The stand with Wild Tiger logo.

The paint job is great and the clear parts look really nice, but some of the parts have marks at the seams where the plastic was molded. It doesn’t really bother me, they’re at the backs of his legs and arms so I probably won’t even see them often.

The paint detail is great, even the soles of his shoes are decorated.

Extra parts.

The back of the box has a message from Katsura. (And some Engrish with a typo.)

I’ve seen so many pictures of people having fun with their T&B Figuarts, and Wild Tiger really is incredibly expressive and easy to pose. Only problem now is that I’d really need a Barnaby too…

"You knew this would happen. Now where's Bunny? He promised to cook fried rice for me!"

I almost forgot to take a picture of the poster, I have it securely packed until I can get a big enough frame for it.

I was a bit two minds about whether this was a smart purchase since I already had the regular edition (not to mention the preorder on King of Works), and the price felt a bit steep especially counting the international shipping, but the Figuarts totally won me over. If the price had been a thousand yen less I would probably have fought for the preorder, but overall I’m pretty happy with the quality and the price doesn’t seem too bad now that I have the limited version.

Tl;dr: I think that the choice of whether you want to get the regular or limited version depends solely on how badly you want the figure and poster, because the only difference with the book is the additional text on the cover and title page.

3 comments on “Review: Katsura Masakazu x TIGER & BUNNY – Original Drawings & Rough Sketches Collection LIMITED VERSION

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  2. I got my package and when I checked the contents I was not pleased, very much disappointed as you put it because I too have two books with the same contents now. Kinda sucks and I expected more of it, but at least I have the Figuart. I already have Barnaby, so they look nice as a pair. Hope you’re gonna get Barnaby someday, and congratulations with obtaining your first Figuart!

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