By The Way, Our Previous Opinion Still Stands

Winter anime season started a couple of weeks ago, and I could just as well copy what we posted when Autumn season began. Although this isn’t directly about Tiger & Bunny, it can’t be helped that we still compare everything we watch to reactions Tiger & Bunny got –  and still gets – from us. (Aki thinks this will go on forever, and I gotta agree. It’s not easy to beat the experience Tiger & Bunny gave us.)

For example, one thing we really got pampered with in Tiger & Bunny is the fact that Nishida held the reins on scripting the whole time. Of course he wasn’t the only writer but he was involved in every episode even when other writers worked on them. The importance of the writer didn’t really register with us before, we rarely paid attention to who’s writing the episodes until we started watching Persona 4 the Animation after Tiger & Bunny had already ended. The episodes were so uneven that it didn’t take many weeks for us to figure out that out of the three writers working on the scripts, only one actually seemed to have played the game and cared about characterization. This sucks because many of the parts that we loved about the game have been given a really poor treatment in the anime so far – the camping trip episode is a very good example, with bad pacing. Most of the things that made the camping trip so funny in the game were lost somewhere.

Anyways, back to the current Winter season. We ambitiously checked out quite a few of new series, but most of them have already been dropped due to being a) boring b) stupid c) bad d) all of the above. Some of the new stuff we’ve decided to keep watching falls into both b) and c) but because they’re so bad they end up being unintentionally funny. (That means you, Brave 10 and Aquarion EVOL.) Go figure, Aquarion EVOL gives even better laughs than the actual comedies – Daily Lives of High School Boys and Thermae Romae – that we are watching. Another is the most interesting one so far. We both love horror, and good horror anime is pretty rare. The sound design and scene planning in Another gives us chills, we just hope it’ll carry all the way through.

It was watching the latest episode of Another last night that made me realize what really is the difference between watching Tiger & Bunny and watching any other series. Allow me to demonstrate:

And we played a game until it was bedtime. Feels a bit sadman if I compare it to Superhero Saturdays and talking about Tiger & Bunny until we had to go to bed.

Aki would like to add the following:

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[Aki_the_geek] this is one of your shortest posts despite the fact you are talking about several anime in it



14 comments on “By The Way, Our Previous Opinion Still Stands

  1. It is just as you have said. All anime vanish after their own episodes. Tiger&Bunny remained in our minds and hearts all week long. I am in such a pain without new episodes… But why 52 episodes added for Phi Brain and not our beloved heroes??? WHY????????
    Crying forever.

  2. I think Another has the potential to stay on our minds as long as they stick to their script. Episode 3 definitely left me reeling and I am excited about next week’s episode. Honestly, Tiger and Bunny didn’t do for me what it seems to have done for others. It was enjoyable, I liked it, but I definitely preferred Steins;Gate.

    • Another kinda reminds me of Shiki, which I really loved (one of the few series I’ve seen more than three times).

      I liked Steins;Gate too, I think I’d have been more into it if T&B hadn’t swept me away because it would have deserved more of my attention.

  3. What I love is that MONTHS after the series ended, I’m still reacting like panels 1 and 2 whenever some new info comes out. It keeps coming up in everyday living, especially now that both of my closest friends are now T&Bros.

    Example: Last night an art professor showed us an accordion book he was trying to make into an ouroboros. Me and a T&Bro friend shared a look. Me and the other T&Bro friend also cracked up over “Take before it is taken” jokes this morning.

    I feel like a girl in love or something. Just a stray thought makes me grin uncontrollably and gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

    Persona 4 was nice and all but I’ve never played the game and it didn’t hold my attention past…ep5 maybe? Can’t remember.

    • “I feel like a girl in love or something. Just a stray thought makes me grin uncontrollably and gives me warm fuzzy feelings.”

      (sob) Me too. I never thought I’d feel this way about an anime since being a six year old watching Sailor Moon lol!

  4. I find myself agreeing with you here. Other anime just don’t come close to Tiger & Bunny. I’ve picked up a few new series this season but nothing really stands out. Although I thought Daily Lives of High School Boys was kind of funny, and personally I think Brave10 fits more into category d). I’m still watching Mirai Nikki from last season but it’s just… not very good.

    I haven’t watched episode 3 of Another yet but it seems good so far from what I’ve seen. But that’s just it. It’s ‘good’ but I just don’t get excited for the next episodes of other series like I did with Tiger & Bunny. T&B has just made everything else seem boring.

    • I think what saves Brave 10 from category d) for us is the cast. The series is really bad, but they’ve gotten an amazing cast of seiyuu for it. We’re also watching Mirai Nikki but it’s really uneven, too.

      T&B has just made everything else seem boring.

      ^ That’s it in a nutshell.

  5. Argh, me too! I’d almost given up on anime all together until T&B came along. Hooray for adult, non-loli characters!

    I followed some Persona on blogs because I heard *awesome* things about the game, but that camping trip episode just reminded me of why I loved T&B’s warm-heated tolerance so much. I mean, way to treat poor Kanji like he’s diseased or something…ugh. I don’t need to see that in anime when I see it enough IRL.

    Tiger and Bunny, please come back! I need you in my life, for serious! Thank God for this amazingly awesome site that keeps me from spiraling into depression.

    • Persona 4 the game is really awesome and definitely worth playing. The anime has only managed to rise on the same level or above in the few episodes that the writer Kumagai has scripted. The rest is just kinda rage-inducing when the good parts of the game are wrecked.

      And thanks for reading our blog! ( ´∀`)

  6. “I feel like a girl in love or something.”
    Hahahaha! I guess I join the group then! :DDD
    But I must add “like a little girl in love”. I speak for myself : I should be called Oba-san 😛

    Sunrise and creators team hit the target when aimed for a mature audience. I have been watching anime almost 15 years and T&B really is in my Top of favorite series. Is also curious that the Alter plushes were aimed for adult women too and I have my preorder on both on them like a child! >__<

    Am I the only one above the 30s here? O.o

  7. 1 word for most of the new Anime…… Yaaaaawn! Watched it, heard it, and experienced the cliches and deja vu before! I just can’t get enough T&B!!!! ><;

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