Tiger & Bunny Stuff For Holidays (Updated)

I didn’t ask for much for Christmas, and this is plenty already:

Hirata Hiroaki also posted on his blog about the character songs – he and Morita Masakazu (or Banikazu-kun as he called him) are singing a duet and solo songs again.

Update: Morita Masakazu tweeted that he was recording Bunny-chan’s song for the album. (“Bunny-chan” was his exact wording, not mine.)

Update 2: Inoue and Ozaki were having a conversation on Twitter earlier, seems that the first song to get sampled from BEST OF HERO will be Sky High’s. It’s supposed to be very fitting for the character, and also will get stuck on loop in your head, so you’ve been warned.

8 comments on “Tiger & Bunny Stuff For Holidays (Updated)

  1. Thanks for the info!

    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to listen to Hoshizora Sunrise through other means like Radiko? And I was just looking at Hoshizora’s website and saw a “We’re sorry. Our current service is not available in your country.” right next to the Twitter widget. I haven’t found any working proxies, but is that where the radio is streamed as well?

    • Radiko lists NACK5 under Tokyo area stations, so if you can use Radiko it should be available there. I’m not sure about the on demand streaming version, since Bandai Channel is blocked where I am, too. VPN might help with that, but I haven’t tried it myself.

      If everything else fails, there’s Keyhole TV.

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