Bring It On, Bandai! I Will Fight!

Tamashii Nation 2011 is this weekend, and there’s already a ton of pictures of Tiger & Bunny figures on display there. Dengeki has a pretty nice report, but the official Tiger & Bunny Twitter account posted some pictures that weren’t on Dengeki.

Although I think Lunatic looks awesome, and H-01 is pretty sweet too, what really got me going was this:

Hiding there, inconspicuously in the corner like he’s taken photo-bombing lessons from Origami Cyclone… that’s an actual Wild Tiger crapsuit edition figure (maybe with a surprise bulge and dangerous underpants like director Satou wanted). I haven’t been able to find a full photo of it but if it’s even nearly as sweet as I hope it is, I’m going to fight for it. (It might finally be the figure that will make Amiami’s servers go up in flames when the preorders open.)

Aki wished me luck…

…and I think she was laughing.

By the way, Hirata Hiroaki, Morita Masakazu and Inoue Go are at Tamashii Nation on Sunday 11/27. They’ll be on Tamashii’s Ustream program at 16:00 JST with reairing at 21:00 JST, and it’s not region-locked.

9 comments on “Bring It On, Bandai! I Will Fight!

  1. Must. Have. Crapsuit.

    I seriously need to see a full picture of him but just by looking at those sexy legs I know that I want him. (*¬*)

  2. I need crapsuit!Kotetsu like my life depends on it. Oh mai gah…and here I thought buying the plushie would quench my thirst for everything Kotetsu related.

    I was wrong. Horribly, HORRIBLY wrong.

  3. The one I really want the most was the open-face version though >.<

    And not trying to kill the fun, but sometimes they don't release all the figures exhibited on the event. But looking at T&B popularity now, I guess it's still possible for them to release all of it, be it as regular release or some web/magazine mail-order or event exclusive ^^

    • I think the 1-minute Tiger might not see a release, but the rest of the figures are pretty surefire sellers judging from the reactions. In fact, there’ll probably be a lot of rage if they don’t get released.

      I’m not very keen on the open face versions, I’m getting the casual clothes Zeros instead. In general I don’t like poseable figures much because I suck at posing them. orz

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