Tidbits from Hero Gossips

Book is out today (and mine still hasn’t shipped, woe). My comments in [brackets]. I’ll be updating more stuff to this list as it pops up on /a/. Thanks to translatorbros for translating.

Take all this with a grain of salt, people are posting these spoilers on 2ch so some might turn inaccurate since original → interpretation of whoever’s posting the information → translator’s interpretation.

  • There’s Kotetsu’s fried rice recipe in the book.

  • First crushes:
    • Kotetsu’s first love was reciprocated (probably Tomoe since he doesn’t seem to have had interest in anyone else).
    • Barnaby’s first crush was a girl at the Hero Academy. He knew that it was one-sided and he never confessed. [Japanese wording confirmed, it was a girl (女性).]
    • Keith’s first crush was a high-school student that he passed by when he was at the second year of junior-high. He was taken at the first sight, but she didn’t even talk to him.
    • Ivan’s first love was a foreign pen pal.
    • Karina’s first crush was her kindergarten teacher.
    • Antonio’s first crush was the girl sitting next to him in elementary school.
    • Nathan’s first crush was his home tutor.
    • Pao-Lin doesn’t really know about first loves.
  • [Fixed some wordings and added Pao-Lin since I got a look at the questions pages.]
  • Kotetsu:
    • Kotetsu is recently into ironing. [最近のマイブームはアイロンがけ]
    • Among other things, Kotetsu was very troubled that with his power loss he will become a burden for Barnaby.
    • Kotetsu gets often scolded by Barnaby for not reading instructions (“Read them yourself, will you.”)
  • Barnaby:
    • Barnaby likes to wear his favourite clothes for years.
    • Barnaby’s favourite foods are beef stroganoff and cabbage rolls.
    • Barnaby’s been wearing his current jacket for five years. He’s also been wearing the belt for a long time. He likes clothes with a lot of buttons.
    • Barnaby’s cologne has an ocean scent.
    • Barnaby is currently into scents and aromas. [(今はお香に凝っている。) Aromatherapy? There have been mentions of scented candles and incence, so I’m not sure what exactly this means.]
    • Barnaby keeps Kotetsu’s sash in his company locker as a good luck charm.
    • Barnaby’s eyesight is bad: 0.03. [This seems to be on vision acuity scale. It was on /a/ that this is around -7.6 dioptres. (I wear glasses but I have no understanding about how the lenses are measured – hope these numbers make sense.)]
    • There is more Barnaby shown in their coverage than Kotetsu.
    • Barnaby tends to teach Kotetsu all sorts of things, including the functions of their suits.
  • Karina:
    • Karina is really into karaoke these days.
  • Keith:
    • Keith has had John for three years and he considers the dog his soulmate.
    • Sky High’s media pressures also included photoshoots and appearing as a guest on TV shows.
  • Antonio:
    • Antonio’s hobby is sewing. (裁縫) [Ok this made me lol.]
    • Antonio is scolded every day.
  • Ivan:
    • Ivan is into Japanese archery recently.
    • He wears boxers for underwear, and has a fundoshi but doesn’t wear it(?).
    • He takes a bath at 21:00.
    • Origami Cyclone has a column (like a column in a magazine/newspaper). [I guess this might also refer to his blog? Not sure without the original.]
  • Pao-Lin:
    • Pao-Lin’s frilly pajamas were given to her by her mother.
    • Pao-Lin often does stuff with Natasha (her manager).
  • Nathan:
    • Nathan is recently into hula hoops.
    • Nathan likes Antonio’s ass more than his face.
    • Nathan shaves his moustache at 8am and 11:30pm.
  • About sleeping:
    • Kotetsu owns pajamas but falls asleep in whatever he’s wearing
    • Barnaby in his underwear
    • Karina in T-shirt and shorts
    • Antonio in his underpants
    • Keith in jersey and sweatshirt
    • Pao-Lin in frilly pajamas [surprising with how tomboy she is]
    • Ivan in yukata
    • Nathan says it’s a secret [we know you sleep naked, Neesan!]
  • Other stuff:
    • Ben assumed an executive. [Not sure what this means, did he assume an executive position at Apollon?]
    • Barnaby and Fire Emblem have a shower when they wake up in the morning.
    • When Kotetsu, Dragon Kid and the Mayor’s son (Sam) stayed over at Barnaby’s place, they had a bath in this order: Barnaby → Dragon Kid + Sam → Kotetsu.
    • When Sam was kidnapped Sky High was participating in a quiz show, Origami was visiting a nursing home, and Antonio was sleeping at some public performance. [This could be a typo about Antonio, sounds really weird.]
    • Maverick expected/anticipated the Jake incident in its full extent. [Totally not surprised, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed he was behind it somehow.]
    • T&B got paired because Maverick thought Kotetsu will be easy to handle, the whole “make Barnaby look better” was an additional bonus.
    • In episode 23, there was a quiet brief sound after Kotetsu closed his eyes and waited for Barnaby to strike. That sound was Barnaby lightly hitting Kotetsu’s shoulder before starting his “My name is not…” speech.
  • If the heroes were a family:
    Father: Kotetsu
    Mother: Sky High
    Pet: Origami
    Grandfather: Bison
    Eldest daughter: Nathan
    Eldest son: Barnaby
    Second Daughter: Blue Rose
    Youngest daughter: Dragon Kid
    [There’s actually a story like this in the first comic anthology though the family setting doesn’t quite go like this (Kotetsu is the pet).]
  • Good friends among the heroes
    [This listing feels a bit funny, some fit 1st cour and some fit 2nd cour better. Or maybe it’s because Kotetsu & Barnaby don’t consider each other as friends as such but partners – but because Bunny hasn’t really made friends with the other heroes he has no choice but to mention Tiger here when asked. (He’s rarely seen interacting with them except occasionally in QUALITY gym.)]
    Tiger → Bison
    Bunny → If you push it, Tiger [don’t be so tsun anymore, Bunny]
    Blue Rose → Fire Emblem and Dragon Kid
    Bison → Tiger [described as “timid, pessimistic” (弱気)]
    Nathan → Rose and Dragon Kid
    Sky High → “Everyone is a friend! But John is my Soulmate!”
    Dragon Kid → Nathan and Rose
    Origami Cyclone → Dragon Kid
  • Likes and dislikes
    • Kotetsu
      Likes: fried rice, hot dogs, Legend cola, pizza
      Dislikes: Sorry, nothing.
    • Barnaby
      Likes: beef stroganoff, cabbage rolls
      Dislikes: Nothing, can eat anything.
    • Karina
      Likes: sushi, especially with prawns
      Dislikes: raw tomatoes
    • Antonio
      Likes: meat
      Dislikes: doesn’t like sweet things very much
    • Keith
      Likes: curry (eats it every morning)
      Dislikes: celery
    • Pao
      Likes: gyoza
      Dislikes: sweet and sour pork, pizza with pineapple, though likes pineapples by themselves
    • Ivan
      Likes: miso soup
      Dislikes: raw food
    • Nathan
      Likes: can eat anything
      Dislikes: nothing
  • Ouroboros is impossible to destroy and even Heroes can’t do much about it.
  • Ouroboros wasn’t meant to be fully uncovered; it’s just as in real life there are plenty murky deals and unspoken agreements.
  • Ozaki wants to do more as soon as possible. He wants to do character-centric stuff.
  • Tamura doesn’t want to let T&B end with just 25 episodes.
  • Both Matsui and Tamura say they had Hirata in mind for Kotetsu’s role while planning the scenario.
  • Tamura says they were going for Western movie and foreign drama style.
  • Relationship charts (Kotetsu&Barnaby not included):

Crush –> Kotetsu
Rival –> Barnaby
Girlfriend –> Nathan
Woman she aspires to be –> Agnes
A good person, but… –> Keith

Can’t leave alone –> Ivan
Adult relationship?! –> Nathan
Sets him straight –> Kotetsu
An important friend –> Barnaby
Well-matched? –> Karina

Aspires to be? –> Kotetsu
Ying and yang –> Keith
Kouhai and sempai –> Barnaby
Same generation –> Pao-lin
Kissing partner?! –> Nathan

Known for 10 years –> Kotetsu
Friend who understands him –> Nathan
Friend’s daughter –> Kaede
Friend’s partner –> Barnaby
A good example –> Keith

Good girlfriend –> Agnes
Out of range –> Saito-san
Fellow company owner –> Maverick

Opposite heroine –> Karina
Father and daughter –> Kotetsu
A gentle gaze –> Nathan
Unusual/Curious…? –> Barnaby
Good partner –> Natasha

Again, thanks to translatorbros for translating.

  • Heroes’ interviews translated here
  • Heroes’ schedules translated here

36 comments on “Tidbits from Hero Gossips

  1. 「Barnaby’s favourite foods are beef stroganoff and cabbage rolls」
    Oh Anju will be so delighted having him over for dinner.

    「Barnaby’s cologne has an ocean scent」
    Lol his epic “sunahama sunahama” line is so CM material

    Thank You for sharing the tidbits ❤

  2. Eternal thank yous for this. I’m dying dying dying that Antonio is into sewing. I expect fic about the crushes and I am oh so going to learn to make cabbage rolls–I love cabbage!

    I’m counting on it being true that T&B isn’t over yet because if the rest of fandom is anything like me, it’s craving more than just cabbage rolls right now!

  3. Wow haha, it’s so funny that Karinas first crush was her kindergarten teacher! She really does have a thing for older men!!!

  4. Ivan’s best friend being PaoLin made me HHHNNNGGG. I’m also in stitches about Sky High being the mother. You’d think it would be Nathan.

    >Kotetsu owns pajamas but falls asleep in whatever he’s wearing
    Mah nigga

    Knowing Ozaki wants to do character-centric only means it’ll be just a matter of time before we get an Antonio episode and a proper Nathan episode.

    Why are all these characters so HHHNNNGGG?

  5. “Nathan likes Antonio’s ass more than his face” XD
    Also, lol at the random bath list of Barnaby, then Pao-lin and Sam, then Kotetsu!!

    • The bath fact is more amusing for the Japanese, probably. It’s customary that the man of the house bathes first and then other males in descending order according to age, then the women. They use the same bath water for everyone (they take a shower and wash first before going into the bath) so the men get the dibs. Kotetsu being the last to bathe is kinda funny in that respect. (They were at Bunny’s place but Kotetsu was the eldest male – regardless Pao-Lin and the kid should have been the last ones to bathe according to Japanese order.)

      • Hmm, I did not know that. Very interesting little fact! I wonder if Kotetsu bathing last is supposed to mean anything in the wider context of the episode (or show?)

  6. After some researching, apparently Bunny’s vision is incredibly bad.

    According to this scale ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2814576/ ) his vision would be ranked at 20/640… It certainly explains why he has 5 pairs of glasses. Being a Hero, they could break at any time.

    As for why he doesn’t use them in the suit – he wouldn’t need them. All of the screens are close enough that he can see without them. (It’s safe to assume that he’s extremely near-sighted – which could also explain why he kept pulling Kotetsu closer in Ep 24… yeaaah… that’s the reason… Really…)

    • I am pretty near-sighted myself, though not quite as bad as Bunny so I can imagine how world looks to him. He can probably see completely clearly about 15 cm away so the visor would definitely be enough to enhance his vision without the glasses.

      • Yeah, I have 20/400 vision and am completely helpless without my glasses. I can look for shapes and colors, but that’s about it. When people’s faces look like shapeless voids at 10 feet, it’s pretty bad! 😀

        Thanks to Bunny, I want to get 5 pairs of glasses too. 😛 Just to be on the safe side. (And for some reason, I just thought of Rude from FFVII:AC, whipping out a spare pair of shades, just knowing Reno would bust his glasses at some point…)

        • We don’t measure sight like that here, but my right eye is like -4.5 dioptres and my left is -5.5 plus I have astigmatism and I need a prism cut, too. I would love to get more than one pair of glasses but they always end up costing a fortune for me.

          • I know I’ve got astigmatism also, though I don’t remember the exact numbers of my eyes. And yes… Eyeglasses are a terribly expensive thing. I usually only get one pair a year since that’s what my insurance covers.

            Random Note:
            My Kotetsu “Oshiri” mousepad arrived today. I think I startled some little old woman because I squealed “IT CAME!” in the middle of the post office.

    • Wow, I don’t know my own numbers but my eyesight is also extremely bad. I can barely get out of bed without them. xD;; When they fall off the nightstand, sometimes I have to get someone to find them for me since I can’t see the thin legs and lenses.

    • We’ll see once the book arrives. It should be relatively easy to translate, though Japanese use a metric scale to measure stuff for cooking so Americans would have to adapt the recipe. (We’re Euros so we use metric as well.)

  7. This totally made my day! Thanks for sharing. :3

    When you receive your books, will you be doing a review? I’m debating whether or not to buy the Hero Gossips book since I can’t read Japanese (e.g. if it’s mostly text and no images, etc.). xD;;

    • Yeah I will review Gossips and Roman Album together since the release dates are so close. It might be difficult to get Gossips if you wait too long, though. It was sold out on preorder even on Amazon Japan.

  8. Ughhhhhh I love all these little tidbits about them~~. [The sleeping clothes was a treat, hohohoho.] And it’s nice to see that Barnaby really does need his glasses; we can be Heroes too, despite our poor eyesight! * A *)/”

  9. “Barnaby and Fire Emblem have a shower when they wake up in the morning.”

    It’s been a really long day for me today, so I totally didn’t read this right the first time. (^益^)

  10. Hi there, this is the translator for the Sky High interview and the non-heroes profession tidbits. Can you please credit me for those translations? Thanks.

  11. “Ouroboros is impossible to destroy and even Heroes can’t do much about it.
    Ouroboros wasn’t meant to be fully uncovered; it’s just as in real life there are plenty murky deals and unspoken agreements”.

    This is very intriguing

    “Tamura doesn’t want to let T&B end with just 25 episodes.”
    Hope so. I agree for second season only.

  12. Whoops, poted comment in the wrong section, sorry! Anyway:
    Bunny is murdering me with his adorable… then brings me back to life and again…
    And seems like his crush is specified as female in his interview: [link removed – no scans allowed at TiS] Even though it was not reciprocated he speaks so kindly of her.

    • (Removed the link, we have a “no scans” policy at Sternbild – photos are ok.)

      I’m actually just updating some quick fixes to the post, like the genders when they were given. ^^

      • Sorry about that, I should have just send the link. Do you intend on translating those pages in the interview form they are in (at least Kotetsu’s and Bunny’s)?

        • I’m waiting until I receive my book to see what we might translate. Some other people may be translating stuff, too. The book came out just yesterday and shipping’s been delayed in some stores so it’s way too early to say.

  13. Hi! Just dropping by to say that I’m glad some of my translations are being used! Hope they were of some interest/help.

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