Overwhelming interest for the event in Shinjuku

The details of the “Thank you, and again, thank you!” event for the final episode screening were announced after episode 21 had aired. The main event with cast and staff members as guests is in Shinjuku, and the theater there has 400 seats.

However, there are 60,000 people who want in.

That’s 150 times the amount of available seats. I’m not going to say I’m surprised. I didn’t check the layout of the venue when it was announced, but quite honestly I expected them to pick a bigger place.

(I feel like the headline of this post is understatement of the week. Or possibly the past 22 weeks since everything that’s Tiger & Bunny always ends up being way more popular than expected. Feels Goodman.)


5 comments on “Overwhelming interest for the event in Shinjuku

  1. Well, it seems like, with at least 60,000 people intending to go, they should think about moving this event, to, let´s say, Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.
    BTW, your blog is approaching the 100,000 visits very fast, which proves it´s as sucessful as the anime. Congrats on this milestone!

    • They pulled the event together in a very short time, so it’s possible they didn’t have that big a choice for venue. (I joked about moving it to Budokan or something yesterday.)

      And thank you very much! We’re really happy people find this blog interesting!

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