2nd season being planned

This news snippet from Nikkei Marketing Journal posted in a Japanese blog hints very strongly that a second season might come true. It’s still in planning stage but considering the current popularity of the show, I’ll be surprised if they don’t get it greenlit. The blog entry also mentions that there’s an event planned that’ll be tieing in with the airing of the final episode on September 17th.

I was tracking down the article and found that Tiger & Bunny is actually one of today’s Nikkei Marketing Journal’s main news. In short, the headline on the site reads “Bill-board Heroes Break Down the Common Rules of Anime” and the blurb text seems very excited about the new business model Tiger & Bunny has presented.

I find this pretty funny, since one of the reasons they had to get all those sponsors was to even get the project off the ground. It’s innovative, sure, but it’s not like they had much choice. As for second season, I’ll get excited if Satou will still be directing and Nishida writing it. Until then I’m gonna just wait and see.


7 comments on “2nd season being planned

  1. Hmm I’m honestly not too sure how I feel about a second season. I would like a good ending with enough closure this season – one that’s relatively open for interpretation but not an obvious set-up for a second season as many shows opt for. Then again, how could I possibly resist more T&B goodness?!! 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure S1 was planned to be self-contained, the series was expected to be a total failure so they had no reason to plan for a sequel. But they have that 10 month timeskip that’d make a fine setting for Heartwarming Hero Hijinks.

  2. I’d love to see more hijinks and fun stuff between the heroes, personally, so I wouldn’t mind a second season depending on how they take it.

  3. I knew, there was too much still left to be explained to just be one season. Good news! I look forward to a franchise.

    • I’m pretty sure they planned S1 to be self-contained since the series was expected to be a total flop. The 10 month timeskip would make a fine subject for S2, tho! There’s a lot of hero adventures they can fit into that time.

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