Rock Bison figure by S.H. Figuarts (updated)

S.H. Figuarts have added another figure to their Tiger & Bunny series. Next up will be Rock Bison. The street date and price are undecided at this time.

This figure will be on display this weekend on the Tamashii Festival 2011 with Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. figures.

(Actually I’m a bit surprised they decided to make Rock Bison next, I was expecting Sky High or even Origami Cyclone, though Bison is very popular in  Japan. Hope this means there’ll eventually be figures of all the heroes.)

Update: Tamashii website now lists release for December, and 5000 JPY for price. (Still subject to change.)

3 comments on “Rock Bison figure by S.H. Figuarts (updated)

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