New OP & ED themes

The news section on the official Tiger&Bunny site was updated on June 11th with information about the artists who’ll perform the 2nd opening and ending themes.

New opening theme will be MISSING LINK by THE NOVELS. They’re a new rock band and they’ve been doing well on Oricon indies charts. MISSING LINK will be their next big single and the CD will be out in August.

New ending theme will be MIND GAME by Tamaki. She’s also a fairly new artist who made her big debut earlier this year with the theme song to the movie Into the White Night.

I checked out some tracks I could find on YouTube and The Novels sounds really good to my ear. They feel kinda similar to Unison Square Garden and ROOKIEZ is PUNK’D. I’m not so sold on Tamaki, her voice seems really delicate and the songs I found were all kinda melancholy.

I wonder if the new songs will have something in common like the current ones that both have something to do with stars? I’m also tempted to say something about nothing beating the current ending animation in fabulously sparkly gay, but then it’ll just automatically mean Sunrise will outdo themselves again. (Like they don’t do that already every week.)

There’ll be some character song CD’s coming soon, too. Blue Rose and Kotetsu&Barnaby’s have already been announced. (If Kotetsu&Barnaby’s song turns out to be a duet I pretty much must own it.) More about them later!

7 comments on “New OP & ED themes

  1. “Kotetsu&Barnaby’s have already been announced. (If Kotetsu&Barnaby’s song turns out to be a duet I pretty much must own it.) ”

    I’m trying really hard not to think about how fantabulously gay that song would be. I mean, with ED outgaying pretty much every other anime ending I’ve ever seen, I think we should be ready for a treat >w<

    Also, checked the official site and they promised a special monologue talk tracks with Bunny and Kotetsu to go along with their single…

    My body is not ready etc

    • There’s no track list for their CD yet, is there? I didn’t notice it when I checked the CD section. Blue Rose’s CD had tracklist up, tho.

      If they sing a duet… It can’t be anything but gay, now can it? The duet Morita sings with Sugiyama Noriaki for Bleach character songs is pretty damn gay…

      • Nope, but… “虎徹とバーナビー2人のキャラクターソング、およびモノローグトークなども含めたシングル!!” -> Kotetsu and Barnaby’s single will include their character song(s?) and monologue talk(s?) among other things!!

        Body not ready etc

        edit: corrected my typo derp

  2. I can kinda imagine how both songs might be like, based on the artists old songs. Should be alright only imo (sadly, the TnB OP and ED themes don’t do for me so far ;A;)
    But character CDs, DO WANT!
    I demand for drama CDs too ;w;

    • Really? I can’t get enough of the current OP and ED myself. XD I’ve been looping them for hours some days.

      There was a drama CD with the first BD, it’s pretty funny.

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