Derp happens

(No I’m not talking about myself…)

I’ve read so many QQ’s about the quality (or lack thereof) in episode 11 that I figured I should probably say something about it.

Guys, take a chill pill. It’s one episode. Sure, the derp moments were pretty derpy. And there were enough of them for even me to feel a bit annoyed. But remember that TV anime is made under a tight schedule and budget. Most series are only a few episodes ahead in production than what’s being broadcasted. (If the rumors about the last episode of Togainu no Chi anime are true, it was ready less than 24 hours before it was set to air. And the whole thing was herpderp to begin with!) Also, the inbetweeners aren’t as good at drawing as the key animators, and that’s where most of the derp was.

Many TV anime have their art fixed for DVD and BD releases, it’s kinda becoming a standard. Tiger&Bunny is getting prettied up, and when I heard about that I expected to see more derp in the broadcasts, since it can be fixed anyway.

Comparison of TV and BD versions.

Okay, I admit that I’d prefer to watch my anime with less derp, but this is just something we have to deal with.


7 comments on “Derp happens

  1. Even if there’s more derp than usual than ep 11, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the most intense episodes yet.
    *waits patiently for the DVD fixes*

    • That’s true! A lot of stuff happened in the episode, not just action but character interaction and plot, too. The heroes didn’t spend that much time in their CGI suits so the animators had more work to do, too.

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