Barnaby’s Birthday 2011 Gallery

♪ Happy Birthday To You ♪
♪ Happy Birthday To You ♪
♪ Happy Birthday Dear Barnaby~! ♪
♪ Happy Birthday Tooooo Youuuuu~! ♪

A huge thanks, and thanks again to everyone who sent presents to our Birthday Boy! Since he was born on Halloween, we got some appropriately themed photos, too. Now let’s see what goodies he got…

バニーちゃん! お誕生日おめでとう! そして、おめでとう!

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12 comments on “Barnaby’s Birthday 2011 Gallery

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  2. haha this is so great! i feel like i’m about to cry… *sob* it feels so great to take part of something like this >w< you people are awesome… all seem so yummy ♥ hahaha poor bunny he'll get fat with all those sweets lol

    happy birthday, and again happy birthday bunny-chan!

  3. This is so great! =D So many cute pictures! ^^ There’s even a BJD in here!!! O_O Awesome!
    Happy Birthday, Bunny! *O*~

  4. Happy Birthday Bunny! \o/
    It’s great how many awesome presents people have made for Barnaby. It really was a lot of fun! ♥

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