Quick Introduction & Wild Tiger MG Figure Rise News

Hi! I’m KiraYamato44, the “Tiger & Bunny” fan who wakes up at 2:00 a.m. to battle for TaiBani pre-orders! I’m going to be the new figure correspondent at this amazing blog. First, I would like to thank Derpchan and Aki for this wonderful opportunity to contribute to this wonderful fandom that is TaiBani. I will be contributing figure reviews as well as any figure news and updates. I am really looking forward to interacting with everyone.  Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu. (I am in your care.)

Just when Tiger & Bunny fans thought that their wallets could get a much needed rest, Bandai finally announced the pre-order date for its Wild Tiger MG Figure Rise kit.  The pre-order for the 1/8 scale of Wild Tiger’s MG kit will open on March 26th at 16:00 JST as usual. He will retail at 3800 JPY with an expected June release. Many fans were able to catch a sneak peek of the completed figure during Thursday’s Bandai Namco merchandise show.



The MG Figure Rise line is modeled after Bandai’s Gunpla kits. However, the twist is an action figure style plastic kit. The kits usually contain around 150 pre-painted pieces which – once assembled – will become the action figure. There is no need to worry about using any paint or glue to assemble the kits. Wild Tiger’s kit will include 4 different sets of hands, Good Luck Mode, and open face feature.




Will anyone be battling it out for everyone’s favorite “Crasher for Justice” on March 26th? I do expect Wild Tiger’s MG Figure Rise pre-order to be like every Tiger & Bunny pre-order battlefest figure and sell out within minutes.


25 comments on “Quick Introduction & Wild Tiger MG Figure Rise News

  1. Hi KiraYamato44! Hajimemashite! Thanks for this, it’s great to have all this good information in one place and I’m happy that this is the place we can have it. xD

    I preordered a Tiger & Bunny set that’s due out in June, the Tiger & Bunny Styling 4 pieces (PVC Figure) (Shokugan) Bandai from Hobby Search. The price was right so I went for it. Yeah, there is so much we would have to take out a second mortgage on our houses to get them all (if we can before they’re sold out, that is).

    Looking forward to seeing what some of these look like and what you have to say about them.


    • mrsspooky thank you for your warm welcome.

      I feel asleep the day that the Styling figures went up for pre-order. I missed them on AmiAmi and Hobby Search. Luckily, I found them at Otacute. There is so many TaiBani goodies coming out that our poor wallets need to be given constant CPR. I have a special name for TaiBani pre-orders ~ “Battlefest”.

  2. welcome, KiraYamato44!

    we’re glad to have you on! i’ve been waiting for a note on this ever since i saw it previewed on the Bandai Premium site. thank you for reporting on our future wallet damage!

    of course we all know that we can’t have one figure w/o the other… any clue on when Bunny will be released? regardless, this figure looks gorgeous.

    • Hi TeamKaburai. Bunny’s MG Figure Rise kit will be released in July. I’m sure we shall get word on his pre-order date very soon. We can probably expect a sneak peek at Bunny via Bandai Namco merchandise show soon.

    BTW, Happy to have a new pirate a board!! Arrr…. ^ 3^!
    Thanks for telling us about this fugure… but, besides of being EXTREMLY GORGEOUS, what is the special thing of this one… and yeah, I bet Barnaby will come right after this one…. so, that means I won’t have a new bedframe maybe until… christmas??,,, lol!!! Welcome, and thanks for the info!! ㅇ 3ㅇ!!

    • Thank you so much for the welcome. XD

      The best thing about this is figure is the open mask feature. He is also taller than the WT S.H.Figuarts. MG kits are 1/100.

  4. It’s not possible for me to get this T_T

    I’ve heard a lot about these pre-order battles though… Do they ever make any more of the figures, or is it because the figures are made to order and once they’re gone they’re gone that they sell out so fast?

    • Bandai has been really good about its re-releases with the S.H.Figuarts line. Both Wild Tiger and Bunny are on their 4th re-release. Bandai also has open orders for the figures that are exclusive to their “Premium Bandai” site. If the figure is an exclusive you do have to use a proxy service if you do not live in Japan.

  5. Hi and Welcome ^0^/)! Thank you for the information on this figure, I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, sadly I don’t think I’ll fight the preorders ><

  6. So… what do you do exactly to be able to order one of these, do you just F5 your fav shop’s page until the figure shows up?
    Because I really like model kits, I’m considering being up until 4AM to be able to score one of these… I want to prepare as much as I can… @_@;;

    • I don’t know if kirayamato44 has some other tactics, but usually I have 3-5 different webshops in my tabs with Check4Change addon monitoring them. I have my own favourite place for ordering everything, but when it’s a highly sought after item you can’t be too picky.

      The preorder for this kit starts at 13:00 JST on Monday, a bit earlier than preorders usually.

      • I’ve bought from a lot of shops before, but with TaiBani stuff it seems I’m only able to score non-sought ones, like keychains. The figures which resembles better the characters are all sold out the next morning when I’m able to check for them.
        Since I do not own any of the Figuarts yet, the FigureRise kit seems very suitable to finally have a figure from Wild Tiger – need to watch out for the Barnaby model too.

        Thank you so much for the time tip! I guess 13:00 JST seems more reasonable for all the gaijin, just a couple hours left then…

    • I usually have my tabs ready on AmiAmi & Hobby Search. I F5 like crazy until it pops up. I battle every month for MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P’s so I’m so used to the F5 approach.

    • I managed to pre-order mine at AmiAmi. I was also able to get one for one my TaiBani bros. at Hobby Search. He lasted a bit longer at Hobby Search than AmiAmi. I think by the time I posted AmiAmi’s link on twitter he was gone.

    • good on you guys!! but hopeless enough for me — i’ll need him to show up at BBTS for me (and the rest of humanity) to pick him up.

        • thanks, derpchan! i can’t remember – do they do international shipping? i’d have to go through a service, right?

          man, every figure release is heartbreak…

          • They don’t ship internationally so yeah… You’ll have to use a shopping service or wait and hope for a restock in other stores.

            Kinda weird Tokyo Hunter hasn’t picked him up.

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