Stage Plays And Cute Foods

(I missed all the excitement and buzz about Tiger & Bunny The Live on Twitter thanks to timezone differences and the fact that we were both already asleep. Anyway…!)

Tiger & Bunny The Live is going to be the 3rd step of NEXT Project. Ozaki went on a tweet spree to announce it, you can read a full translation of his tweets here. Save for the other things he said, what really caught my attention was this:

Ozaki: “Somehow, every time it tries to do something, T&B is always told “it’s impossible”, “you should give up” (^^;)”

Yet, Tiger & Bunny always does it, and it does it so well it surprises everyone. These guys have a really unshakable faith in Tiger & Bunny, and I really hope they keep succeeding at doing the impossible. Like with the live-action movie clarification, I got the impression that Ozaki and the others really care about their creation and do their best to respect the original work – the anime – and the fans. This is an important and a crucial part of marketing, you could pull in new audience (or customers) in many different ways but all too often I’ve seen that done while forgetting the existing fans. You shouldn’t exclude the fans you already have on the expense of getting new ones, and Ozaki and the team working on Tiger & Bunny show that they’ve done their homework here.

Well, at least when it comes to Japanese fans. I just wish there was something more for us fans overseas, now we’ll have to wait until BD&DVD releases which take a long time.

Another thing that came to my mind while reading Ozaki’s tweets is that one of the themes in the series is how people from different generations can come to understand each other and bond. What Ozaki said – how he wants people from different generations to come together to enjoy Tiger & Bunny – reflects this and is really fitting in my opinion.

And then, after promising more information on the movie next week, he went on to raise a giant S2 flag:

Ozaki: “This work was originally an anime, and I sincerely understand that what fans really want is a new series. Please wait some more…!”

Speaking of NEXT Projects, Namco Namja Town café event is currently listed on the site on the 4th step place, but I don’t recall seeing it referred to as a NEXT Project so it’s probably there just for promotion convenience. We aren’t even sure how many NEXT Projects there will be, nothing says it’ll stop at step four.

These are too cute to eat.

9 comments on “Stage Plays And Cute Foods

  1. “This work was originally an anime, and I sincerely understand that what fans really want is a new series. Please wait some more…!”

    Forever standing in this dark alley until Ozaki pulls me from my loneliness with a S2 announcement.

      • Well, not lonely in that way. But this last drama CD made me realize just how much I miss these characters.
        It’s insane how much time has passed since the series ended.

        • It’s been only… 4 months. Sometimes it feels like it had just ended. And then it feels like an eternity.

          Being so active and following what’s going on in the fandom does help to keep the enthusiasm up.

  2. U guys know that EVERYONE feels the same!! We just can help it! Somehow, T&B makes us feel like this!…. I haven’t do attached to an anime like this in sooooo long! But of something I’m sure…. I would do the impossible to GO see that live stage!…. Even if a have to sale cookies…or a liver T 3T!

  3. I must admit that I’m very disappointed about this. But, given all the furor going around Megaupload and other file sharing sites (yes, I’m one of those poor fans who CAN’T afford to buy the DVDs), waiting is probably the best thing I can do.

  4. I hope the actors look good on their parts, specially Kotetsu and his kitty beard. At least we know the hero suits are good looking, even if they don’t have the long legs proportion as the animation (and that we know it’s not posible irl).

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