S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger getting a reprint

Missed out on Wild Tiger figure? Hope’s not lost, he’s getting a reprint and rerelease on October 15th. Thanks to PJA for the heads up.

(So sorely tempted myself to go for it, but then I look at my preorder list and sigh… Besides, the Figuarts Zeros are my priority.)

9 comments on “S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger getting a reprint

  1. Good news for the people who missed out on the first round. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for my Tiger to arrive. T^T

    Do you know if there’s been any word on a release date for the Figuarts Zeros yet? Those ones I definitely don’t want to miss out on!

    I swear Tiger & Bunny is going to make me go broke… I think I’m going to need to get a second job at this rate. XD

  2. I know that feel. I need those figuarts zeros, and perhaps Origami if I can cough up the money for his release.
    But sadly, I will miss WT, and then I don’t wanna get Barnaby’s… Both or none.

  3. thank you, and again – thank you! this is wonderful news. i’ll try again as soon as it’s released. hopefully it’ll be available via all the usual outlets.

  4. YO – Wild Tiger spotted on BBTS: preorders open!

    full item listing for Big Bad Toy Store here –


    i was just able to grab one Kotetsu before the site locked up. they restocked Tiger, Bunny, and Bison on this last refresh. one minute after placing the order, the site seized up (Tiger’s 1-minute power, how ironic).

    check again tomorrow – they may have more quantity updates.

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