Episode titles 20-22 revealed

That time again… Previous episode titles post here with episodes 16-19.


20. Full of courtesy, full of craft.

Meaning: “Beware of a man who is too extravagantly polite, for he is probably trying to cheat you.” (Our first thought was that this might be about Maverick.)

21. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Meaning: “People should get involved in their own problems.”

This phrase originates as the opening sentence of Samuel Smiles’ book Self-Help from 1859. It is a variation of the pre-existing maxim God helps them that help themselves which also appeared in Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack which was published in the first half of the 18th century. (source)

22. Bad luck often brings good luck.

Meaning: “Your fortune can change fast and you shouldn’t let yourself feel down because of a stroke of bad luck.”

(Yeah, the magazine these were printed in has an amusing typo in this title. Hopefully it won’t make it to the show or I might fall off the chair giggling, no matter how serious the episode might be.)

By the sound of these titles, we’re in for some hard times until at least episode 22. Unless of course the titles are trolling us. (Which isn’t so far fetched.)


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