From Gcoon. “I’m a proud Tiger & Bunny shopper, I have figures, books, cd, etc.
But of all them, this one is my favorite Tiger & Bunny thing.
This one is not an official merchandising, it doesn’t cost me a single cent.
But I love it so much, it was really nice when i received it.
This one was made by my T&Bro PJA.
PJA makes me believe in how nice can be people. Even if they don’t know you, they can trust in you. Thank you for teach me that.
Also this pin represents all the nice T&Bros who I met that summer.
Sharing nice moment, tears, laughs, pain, etc.
I really appreciate PJA and the people who I meet thanks to this anime. I’m really thankful.

Thank you everybody, I will never forget you all, this is one of the best fandoms.


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