Final episode title revealed

Listing the remaining episode titles here too to make it easier to keep reference for them.

22. Bad luck often brings good luck.

Meaning: “Your fortune can change fast and you shouldn’t let yourself feel down because of a stroke of bad luck.”

23. Misfortunes never come singly.


Meaning: Bad things tend to happen in groups.

24. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Meaning: If you want to achieve something you have to also risk something; if you want to achieve something you must pursue it actively. Japanese title has the same meaning, and it can also be translated as “you have to go into tiger’s den to catch a tiger cub”.

25. Eternal Immortality. [Final Episode]

Both words in the Japanese title can actually mean immortality according to my dictionary. “Fumetsu” also means “indestructibility”.

I’m not sure how to feel about this title, to be honest, but I’m going to take it positively and hope that it spells a good end. (Man, it’d suck for those who are going to the final episode events all pumped up and then the ending is a total downer.)


8 comments on “Final episode title revealed

  1. Someone noted that this is the only title that isn’t a proverb, and dug up something that may be similar, but so much more ominous.

    >A man’s body dies, but his soul is immortal.

    I must admit that it’s strange that they’d do proverbs for every title but this one, even if it’s the finale.

    • There has been two other titles that weren’t actual proverbs, iirc. One of them was a motto, can’t remember off the top of my head what the other one was.

      They’re increasing secrecy now that we’re on the last stretch, so I’m not surprised that the last title is so cryptic.

  2. I don´t expect anyone to really “die”. Maybe Barnaby must go, to Bunny to go back. Or HeroTv disappears. Two things that can´t go are Tiger and Bunny (and Lunatic, Dragon Kid, Origami, Bison, Sky High, Blue Rose, but it´s out of heartache…). There will be a second season of this anime, or the executives of Namco Bandai are seriously going into a mental breakdown to ditch the most followed anime of this season.
    Remembering Code Geass: in the last episode of the first season we were left to wonder if Lelouch/Zero was killed. It could be pretty like the ending of this season of Tiger&Bunny (I seriously trust in the Namco Bandai executives, they can´t be this dumb!).

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