Artist lists for Asuka Comics anthologies

As I posted earlier, there are more manga anthologies coming from Asuka Comics. The artist lists for them were announced earlier on the Asuka Comics Twitter.

#1 It Takes Two to Make a Quarrel will feature Asami You, Ichimiya, Ono Tsutomu, Oda Suzuka, Kano Ayumi, Sakazuki Ran, Kuriyama Kiyoshi, Sakusaka Min, Tegoshihara Toru, Tomo, Nagao Uka, Nijou Kuro, Fujiwara Ryo, Fujioka Youko, Pochi, Matsuo Hazuki, Mikimaki, Mitsushio Mamika, Yamashita Nanao. (Street date: September 26.)

#2 First Catch Your Hare will feature nap, Ishida Souji, Kaneshiki Suisu, Kusunoki Jun, Sakurai Aya, Sawa Ike, Shion Akira, Shinjou Mayu, Soma Kazuki, Takarai Rihito, Tomo, Nagao Uka, Nokia, Matsuo Hazuki, Matsumoto Temari, Mitsushio Mamika, Yoshimura Takumi, Watari. (Street date: September 26.)

#3 [title undecided] will feature Kurahana Chinatsu, Matsumoto Temari, Sugimoto Iqura, and more. (Street date: November 26.)

I tried to check the romaji for all those artists, please don’t hesitate to comment if I got someone’s name wrong!

And in other merchandise news (I can barely keep up with this stuff anymore), looks like there’ll be some character scents. I don’t really get the interest the Japanese have in these scents, but maybe that’s just because I’m hideously allergic to everything scented!

(ETA: Word on the boards street says that it’s Kenzo or nothing! Kenzo probably smells way better than these anyway, I’ve heard that the character scents aren’t that awesome…)

Oh and please do check out the translated interview with screenwriter Masafumi Nishida that Aki posted just earlier! (He’s the guy you can thank for Keith being Keith among other things.)


4 comments on “Artist lists for Asuka Comics anthologies

  1. OMG. The moment I saw Kurahana Chinatsu, I totally squealed. Damn, I love her artwork so much and can’t wait to see her version of TnB! *.*
    But 26 Nov is so far away! Are they doing it on purpose? D: (I mean, she is famous among us Fujoshi/Nitro Chiral fans! lol.)

  2. Takarai Rihito! That alone made my day. I love her artwork and her mangas (aside from Seven Days which is an absolute fav) are also quite good, so… yeah, I’m pretty hyped for her part.
    That aside, I’m also happy to see Kurahana Chinatsu there, Nitro+CHiRAL (ex-)illustrators are always welcome. Though I admit I’d rather see Onitsuka Seiji included… the sweet pool artwork kills me in a good way.

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